Sunday, February 26, 2012


So this is another one of my side projects (god I have a lot of them) called The Pantheon, the idea being that a once mortal realm has been conquered and subjugated by five of six chaotic gods and the remaining countries have been divided among the gods chosen avatars. (All names taken from latin)

From the left we have
Adnihilo: Avatar to the god of Brutality and War

below him on the ground we have
Efferus: Avatar to the god of Savagery and Fear

above him leaning against a stone throne we have
Monitum: Avatar to the god/goddess of Distortion and Fate

in the front right dressed in the inscribed kimono we have
Dolus: avatar to the goddess of Lies and Malfeasance

And finally on the far right we have
Rector: Avatar to the goddess of Slavery and Disgrace

So we have these demigods dividing up this mortal realm and bickering over land and slaves, when enters our anti-hero a prince of the former most powerful nation (not shown here) who makes a pact with the last of the chaos gods (The god of Oblivion) for revenge against the gods who subjugated his world by becoming this gods avatar. This god, unlike the others, seeks not to control but pure and total destruction of every living thing in existence.
It's evil vs greater evil, in a world without hope is salvation possible? 

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