Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dominion 3

     This piece is from a few months ago, I'm working on it bit by bit but the thing is a beast (literally/metaphorically) trying to get the scale/detail of this thing right can be exhausting but I feel like I have a solid place to work from now. I've been working harder and harder on creating pictures that make good use of perspective and lighting. I've been asking myself, What makes a good composition? What do I want the user to focus on? What's the mood I'm trying to set?
I error then I correct myself, way of the world and what not.

The narrative of this piece comes from a game called dominion 3, In this story a player created a giant flesh monster that grew bigger with each enemy defeated, the beast grew so big it broke free of the players control and began devouring the continent, after a while it returned to try and gorge on it's former master where it was lured into the sea to perish.
This was a fairly epic tale that came from this really deep strategy game, and it was just one of many different stories I've heard from this game.

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